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Collaborative project with Hilarey Cowan, Jera Macpherson and Nic Wilson

Regina, SK


Excerpt from collaborative essay/exhibition catalogue


"Ibid comes from the latin ibīdem which means ‘in the same place’. With this exhibition the four members of Ibid. Curatorial Collective, Hilarey Cowan, Simon Fuh, Jera MacPherson, and Nic Wilson, explored how artist networks orient emerging practices toward shared sensibilities and compulsions. Artistic practice often grows and is recognized through a singular voice, but it is short-sighted to assume that work emerges fully formed, from nothing and from nowhere. Work comes from social circumstances; school, gender, friendship, race, argument, class, love, sexuality, jealousy, or compersion. The work presented in this show grew out of the networks we inhabit, both in Regina and beyond, and offers an opportunity to imagine the ways that many voices exist, at rest or in silence, behind the work of an individual artist."

Cowan, Macpherson, Wilson and I each invited an artist from our disparate network to exhibit alongside us in Regina, SK, and wrote about our work in our shared exhibition essay "Ibid.". I chose to work with Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau. 


Hyperstation, Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau, digital photograph, 2018. 

Eternal Supine, Simon Fuh. Slot machine that spins without stopping. 


Long Term Pillow II (After Tony Feher), Nic Wilson.


Songs of Sweat and Loss, Benjamin Spalding. 


Sleeping Bag, Claire Paquet.

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