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The Greatest of All Time

Flux Gallery, Winnipeg, MB


The Greatest of All Time was a reflection on competition and play through video, and sculptures made out of balloons, sports objects, and dollar store materials. Plaster-filled yellow happy face balloons ironically subvert the iconic symbol's usual lightness toward more heavy, teardrop-shaped caricatures resembling struggling competitors in a field.


In the center of the exhibition, a gurgling fountain made out of a cut basketball is filled with arcade tokens that refer to cheap wishes never realized. All the while, an iPhone hanging from the ceiling of the gallery plays a looping video of the animations that occur when you win big on online slot machine apps. This overabundance of meaningless casino winning, however, flips what might otherwise feel joyful into a kind of carnival of perpetual losing. Ultimately, the show sought to express the alienated search for both fun and social strata in a world defined by market competition. 





Big Win, digital video, 2 min, 2017. 



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