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Prime Air was a collaborative project with Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau. In response to a call for submissions from Bunker 2 in Toronto, we proposed to rebuild an Amazon Prime Air drone using only a source photo from Google Images, and parts ordered from the Amazon website. 

Being located in Regina, SK, we had the directors of Bunker 2 build a mailbox outside of the gallery (a shipping container in a parking lot) and assign it the street address of the lot that it's located in. We ordered all of the parts directly to the gallery, where Amazon couriers dropped the packages and sent photos as proof of the successful delivery.


After the parts were delivered, Bunker 2 directors built the drone using blueprints drafted by Ken and me. The drone motors successfully paired with the remote control, but unfortunately it did not fly. 


The final product was displayed alongside shipping detritus in the exhibition unscheduled arrivals (July - August 2019). 

Many thanks to Sophia Oppel, Belinda Kwan, Grayson James and Eric Steele.

Reference image for the Prime Air drone rebuild. Source:

Prime Air
Simon Fuh & Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau
Bunker 2 CAC, Toronto, ON



Grayson James attempting to fly the Prime Air drone, August 2019.


Installation view of unscheduled arrivals, 2019.

8-Drone Blueprint_FINAL.jpg
4-Drone Blueprint_SERVO.jpg

Blueprints drawn by Simon Fuh and Kenneth Jeffrey Kwan Kit Lau, 2019.


Mailbox outside Bunker 2.

Proof of delivery photo sent by Amazon delivery person. 

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