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The Year 3000

2019 - 2020

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I invited five Hip Hop dancers in Toronto to come to my studio and listen to various old futurist Disco songs from the late 1970s while they meditated on the future. Before beginning the songs, I asked them to, while they listen, imagine a future that "they'd actually like to exist in" - maybe one that wasn't plagued by crippling inequity, or visions of dystopia. They then took a deep breath and listened to the whole song on a pair of noise cancelling headphones. 

After meditating on their future, we spoke about what they imagined. I took few notes from those conversations, and have shared little details of them. 


2) Melk
Cloud One, Disco Juice, 1976

Bumblebee Unlimited, Space Shuttle Ride1979

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Slick, Space Bass, 1979


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