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Artist book, published in 2022 by Gravitron Press. 

In this series of linked texts, artist Simon Fuh opens up spaces which the past inhabits and observes the structures it creates as pieces of time flake and gather. Written within the slipstream of recollection, these texts harness the fuzziness and digressions that come with remembering. Each piece is a collection of memories nested within memories which use the method of loci (also known as a “memory palace”) as both a potent metaphor and a tool for conjuring the affect of social memory. In For Now You Had To Be There, Fuh knots together parties, music, theory, artworks and fragmented conversations to probe the messiness of remembering together.

Other Writing



      Hearth Gallery  |  Erotic Awakenings


Mark Making

      Susan Hobbs Gallery  |  Framework 11/20

Is it Heaven or Las Vegas?

      Ibid.  |  Exhibition Text


Me, My Parents and My Art Practice

      C Magazine  |  c139



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