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Goose Cakes

Simon Fuh & Rowan Lynch

Vector Festival, Toronto, ON


Goose Cakes was part of a collaborative exhibition called view recent changes, featuring works by artists Oscar AlfonsoSimon FuhMatt Nish-Lapidus, and Sophia Oppel, in collaboration with Hearth - a Toronto artist-run space co-directed by Benjamin de BoerRowan LynchSameen Mahboubi and Philip Leonard Ocampoview recent changes presented an assemblage that considers the ways in which the human, digital, linguistic, machinic, vegetal and animal correlate. Hosted as a wiki, a platform that allows for communal contribution, the project foregrounds lateral hyperlinking and reflects on the possibility of a digital commons. The project considered how to circumvent the individualizing, commodifying qualities of online spaces to explore positive forms of relationality and intimacy.


Goose Cakes was an attempt to learn more about the geese in our proximity in order to gift them a cupcake specific to their dietary needs and wants. This work concluded with a live-streamed artist talk and goose feeding from 2-3pm Monday, July 20th, 2020, as a live broadcast hosted on both the Hearth Instagram account and the InterAccess Instagram account.

Beginning with observation of geese near Wascana Lake, a man-made lake hosting a migratory bird sanctuary in Regina, Saskatchewan, the project followed my COVID influenced migration to and from Toronto. The second half of this project was then marked by an active search for the geese in this second city, concluding at Grenadier Pond, and an interest in the implications of the new patterns of movement COVID has introduced to our lives.


Vegan Suet Goose Cupcake


Geese ignoring Vegan Suet Goose Cupcake


Attempting to feed geese Vegan Suet Goose Cupcake


Attempting to feed ducks Carrot Corn Muffin and Vegan Tartare, after failing to find geese near Grenadier Pond during the performance on July 20th, 2020.

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