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The Sky is Falling
Video game

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The Sky is Falling is an artist video game that I made mostly during the summer of 2020. Inspired by the folk tale, the game takes the concern of Chicken Little literally: what if the sky was actually falling?


The player controls a small yellow chick on a stormy island where giant blocks of sky fall to the ground. Living on the island is a group of chickens that are more or less unconcerned with the falling sky because they are distracted by their own after-school-style drama. As the player interacts with the chickens, they have the choice to either quit, be crushed by blocks, run into the ocean, or become invested in the relationships between the chickens, which unfolds through dialogue, menial "quests", and the ability to have the chickens on the island sign a year book. 

This project was part of the Mackenzie Art Gallery's Digital Artist in Residence V1, and is playable at the Mackenzie's "13th Floor", here. 


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